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Bill Jeffries

Executive Strategies International
President & CEO
Tel: (317) 946-4248

William (Bill) Jeffries is an International Consultant & Executive Coach for business, military, and political leaders, as well as professional athletes in 35 countries. His undergraduate degree in engineering is from the US Military Academy at West Point, his graduate studies in English and Ethics were at Duke University, and his post graduate studies in nuclear physics were at the University of Heidelberg.

Bill is the author of 14 books: 3 on Personality Styles and Emotional Intelligence (EQ), 3 on building High Performance Teams, Diversity, and Leadership, 1 on Psychological Type and Sales Mastery, 1 on Creating Exceptional Organizational Cultures, 1 on Christian Apologetics, and 5 award-winning adventure / spy novels. His most recent novel, Spooky Action in Ukraine: Quantum Entanglement and the Passion of Christ, weaves together an initially peaceful cruise on the Danube River, quantum physics, the war in Ukraine, international politics, Russian espionage tradecraft, and Christian theology in an exciting page turner with bodies dropping in 3 countries.

Bill is also a retired army Colonel. His career included service on 4 continents with various elite units, 7 years as a tenured faculty member at West Point, and 6 years as professor of Ethics, Executive Development, and Joint Operations within the US War College system. Currently he and his company, Executive Strategies International consult for over 80 Fortune 500 Companies, dozens of smaller entrepreneurial businesses, most US federal government agencies, and all 5 US military services. In addition to leading Executive Strategies International, Inc., Bill is also a frequent guest speaker and visiting professor in the Graduate Business Schools and Departments of Executive Development at Carnegie Mellon University, Ga Tech, Stanford, US Naval War College, and UCSD, where he teaches leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Psychological Type, Culture Change, family dynamics, and the development of High-Performance Teams.

In 2012 Bill founded IC³, the International Center for Creative Change in Qatar, Dubai, & Ajman to enhance scientific corporate Innovation. He and his company, Executive Strategies International, Inc, were the recipients of the prestigious Keeping America Strong Award as seen on Heartbeat of America, TV series hosted by Admiral Kevin Delaney and William Shatner, for being one of the business leaders most responsible for helping American business recover from the devastating events of 9-11.