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Emotional Intelligence and Change

Presented: September 12, 2016
With Sheila Hines Edmondson
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Change. Some embrace it. Some resist it. Do we really understand it—change? How can we increase our awareness during times of change to enhance our experience with it, manage our stress, and develop our emotional intelligence? This Crescendo Connect Conversation will explore principles of change and emotional intelligence and make connections between how we change and what we can do to be more agile and effective.

Sheila Hines Edmondson is a Talent Management Consultant at Xcel Energy. Her work supports leaders and employees in their development. Prior to her current role, Sheila has spent her 20+-year career trying to understand behavior change what it means to be effective (as an individual and as an organization). She’s worked in marketing, communications, culture change, engagement and learning. She’s known for creating awareness and alignment; coaching and capacity-building, and collaborating for change and results.

Sheila is a lifelong learner with multiple degrees and certifications. She completed her Master’s degree at the University of St. Thomas in Human Resources and Change Leadership. Some of her greatest learning has come from change, and at the edge of her comfort zone. Sheila’s newest adventure is with her husband Bob and their two dogs Ginger and Pippi (15 weeks old).

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