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Emotional Intelligence and Intentional Leadership

Presented: May 12, 2014
With Dr. Jane Kise
Jane Kise

Yes, we need to lead from our strengths. And yes, trying to turn weaknesses into strengths can rob us of precious time better spent using those strengths. However, leaders, whose decisions and actions have far-reaching effects, need tools that help them look in the mirror and recognize not only the strengths on which they build their style, but those blind spots that, if not managed, have the potential to harm their careers and the work, morale, effectiveness and futures of those they lead.

In this Crescendo Connect Conversation, you will learn how three frameworks–emotional intelligence, Jungian type, and the 12 Lenses of Leadership–help leaders focus their strengths, manage those blind spots, and make tangible progress toward their key priorities.

Dr. Jane Kise, author of Intentional Leadership and founder of Differentiated Coaching Associates, is an executive coach and organizational consultant. Author of over 20 books, Jane’s clients include NASA, Minneapolis Public Schools, the Bush Foundation, and numerous education and business organizations.

She holds an MBA in finance, a doctorate in Education Leadership, and is an MBTI Master Practitioner. She is also certified in the EQi 2.0 ™ and MBTI Step III.

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