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Emotional Intelligence and Resilience

Presented: July 8, 2013
With Becky Gorman
Becky Gorman

Emotional Intelligence and resilience are twin dancers — and beautifully so. They are so intricately connected that it’s impossible to separate them. Not only do we experience this in our own lives, we also are aware of it in the dynamics in all of our interactions and relationships.

Stress is with us. It’s not going anywhere, and in fact, it’s most likely going to increase. Taking care of ourselves is highly challenged daily! We’re all split in many directions with lots of pressure to keep up the pace. In order to meet life in a growthful and balanced way, self-awareness and self-care is critical to building our resilience. Likewise, greater resilience supports ongoing deeper self-awareness and raises our level of emotional intelligence – a win-win.

As practitioners, commitment to our own level of intelligence, personal growth, and self-care is fundamental to providing the highest level of presence and quality of coaching to our clients. This dedication is a life-long pursuit.

In our conversation, we’ll explore how building resilience walks hand-in-hand with emotional intelligence to support us as practitioners in living a balanced life personally, to manage our full lives, and to be living examples of the pathway of resilience for our clients. Please join us to receive some tools and tips for getting started and moving forward!

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