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Emotional Intelligence and Resiliency

Presented: June 10, 2020
With Shannon Murphy Robinson
Shannon Murphy Robinson

The current situation with COVID-19 has created sudden change, coupled with rising uncertainty and fear. Change, especially undesired change, fear, and uncertainty can tax the brain’s resources, and trigger circuitry in the brain that reduces our ability to stay focused, engaged and manage emotions effectively.

In this interactive webinar, you will learn how to counter the effects of fear in the brain. You will be introduced to a neuroscience-based framework for learning to recognize and manage brain states, including the critical role emotions play. Specific tools and skills will be shared that are designed to help you quiet the fear circuitry in the brain and increase your resiliency and ability to navigate the current situation more effectively and creatively.

Shannon Murphy Robinson is CEO of BrainSkills@Work, a consultancy that applies neuroscience to help individuals be more inclusive, culturally competent and more effective leaders. Shannon brings over 15 years of expertise in diversity and inclusion, intercultural management and leadership development. She is co-author of book Neuroscience of Inclusion: New Skills for New Times, the BrainStates Awareness Profile. She has successfully created and implemented large scale training initiatives (20,000+ employees) with companies like Deloitte, CHRISTUS Health, Medtronic, Deluxe, Barr Engineering, University of Michigan, Mayo Clinic, Boston Scientific, and others.

She has an M.A. in Intercultural Management and Leadership Development. In May 2012, she achieved advanced certification as a NeuroBusiness coach at Harvard with Dr. Srini Pillay. She is on the faculty of the Intercultural Communication Institute where she teaches neuroscience of inclusion.

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