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Emotional Intelligence and Strengths

Presented: January 11, 2016
With Cheryl Persigehl
Cheryl Persigehl

How might our awareness of strengths impact our readiness and capacity to more fully embrace our emotional intelligence? What connections can we make between this descriptive tool (strengths) and this evaluative tool (EI)? Does pursuing strengths-based personal development enhance or hinder our development of emotional intelligence?

EI and Strengths is an exploration of the connections and distinctions between two increasingly mainstream development models. In this session, Cheryl Persigehl initiates a conversation about the ways practitioners can leverage the value of both tools in working with individuals, teams, and organizations.

Cheryl Persigehl has been working as an organizational effectiveness consultant, facilitator, and executive coach with individual leaders, teams, boards, and collegial work groups in the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors for the past 20 years. She is passionate about helping her clients increase their effectiveness in all aspects of their lives and create healthy work environments where people can thrive.

Cheryl holds an MBA in marketing and is a certified practitioner of MHS Emotional Intelligence, Gallup Strengthsfinder Performance Coaching, Myers-Briggs Type Dynamics, Vital Smarts Crucial Conversations, and BeAbove Neuroscience, Consciousness & Transformational Coaching.

Cheryl is grateful for the opportunity to share this abundant universe with the global village and 6 loving souls at home—husband Jonathan, daughters Chloe and Justine, and pets Snuggles, Stripe, and Daisy (2 cats,1 dog).

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