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Emotional Intelligence and the Leader as Visual Artist

Presented: July 27, 2015
With Bernie Saunders and Katie Cooney
Bernie Saunders and Katie Cooney

What does neuroscience say about the importance of visual acuity in a leader? What can photography reveal about the limits of judgment and perception? How is the quality of “seeing” linked to emotional intelligence?

EI and The Leader as Visual Artist  addresses the ways in which photography -by deepening self-awareness, expanding perception, and supporting the habit of reframing situations-helps to strengthen the emotional intelligence of leaders.  The session is based on the work of Katie Cooney and Bernie Saunders, which is gaining acceptance as a new and vibrant approach to leadership development.

Bernie Saunders is an artist, bestselling author, conference speaker, and organizational consultant, who has worked in the human development field for forty years. He is passionate about inspiring people to connect more deeply with themselves, and to enrich the important relationships in their lives.

Bernie is the co-author of the internationally acclaimed book,

Ten Steps to a Learning Organization, and the author of the personal enrichment program, Boundless Renewal. His most recent book, The Grace of Ordinary Days, was co-authored with his mother poet Kay Saunders during the last four years of her life.

He has a Masters of Applied Theology, is a licensed emotional intelligence practitioner, a clinical faculty member at the Centre of Applied Leadership, and has taught at St. Catherine’s University, St. Thomas University, and the Carlson School of Management.

Katie Cooney is a globally experienced executive coach and leadership development consultant who has coached leaders in the US, Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific. Working through assessment, observation, and reflective conversations, she helps her clients develop a deeper and wider awareness of themselves and others to improve their performance in the organizational context.

Katie is a published writer, facilitator and speaker focused on purpose and resilience. She holds a Master’s Degree in Human Development from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, where she explored the links between emotional awareness and physical wellness.

She teaches the principles of coaching and team development at the graduate level. She is one of the developers of The Leader as visual Artist program.

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