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Emotional Intelligence and the Neuroscience of Self-Awareness

Presented: March 20, 2017
With Mary Casey
Mary Casey

Self-awareness is a foundational skill of emotional intelligence. From a brain perspective, however, self-awareness fluctuates throughout the day, and is not always available when we need it.

In this session, we will share recent neuroscience findings on how to maintain higher levels of self-awareness and how to intentionally strengthen social brain circuitry. The social brain is what supports our ability to connect with others, read their emotions/intentions and be able to respond in more emotionally intelligent ways.

By strengthening the brain’s capacity for self-awareness, we can more thoughtfully and effectively engage the brain’s social circuitry. By doing this, we increase our capacity for keeping an open mind and engaging compassion – both key to enhancing emotional intelligence.

At the end of this session, you will be able to…

  • Recognize the role of the higher brain in strengthening the brain’s capacity for self-awareness.
  • Understand the relationship between good self-awareness skills and intentionally strengthening the circuitry of the social brain.
  • Appreciate the role the social brain plays in demonstrating greater emotional intelligence with others.
  • Apply two brain-based tools to maintain higher levels of self-awareness.

Mary Casey, M.A. is Co-Founder of BrainSkills@Work – a consultancy that provides practical neuroscience-based tools and strategies to help people access their highest levels of thinking, decision making and performance. Mary’s background includes 25 years corporate training and facilitation experience, working with organizations such as Deloitte, Microsoft, General Mills, PepsiCo and others.

Mary’s education includes a Master’s Degree in Training and Organization Development from the University of Minnesota. She is also licensed to administer/facilitate: MBTI, the DISC Profile, and the HeartMath Stress Management Technologies. In 2012, Mary achieved advanced certification as a NeuroBusiness Coach with Dr. Srini Pillay M.D, Harvard Professor and CEO of NeuroBusiness Group.

Mary is a practicing yoga instructor, and is also co-author of the book, The Neuroscience of Inclusion: New Skills for New Times, which will be available, April 15, 2017.

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