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Emotional Intelligence and the Social Brain

Presented: March 30, 2015
With Ann Holm
Ann Holm

Many have of heard of Maslow’s pyramid representing the hierarchy of needs. Maslow proposed that physiological factors such as food, drink, air, and protection from the elements were first, followed in order by safety, love/belonging, esteem and finally self-actualization.   The Social Brain will cause you to rethink this long-standing model of human needs proposing instead that love/belonging is the primary need of the human being.

In this session, we will look at the work of psychologists Matthew Lieberman, author of The Social Brain and John Medina author of Brain Rules.   Both suggest that the need for cooperation, bonding, and other pro-social behavior is essential for us as a species, even more critical than food or drink.  If this is true, what does it mean for emotional intelligence?

Ann Holm, MS, ACC, draws on 25 years of experience as a speech pathologist to help clients achieve maximum personal potential using brain-based principles.  Now as a leadership and personal development coach, she uses a broad base of individual assessment tools and her knowledge of brain science to serve her clients.  Ann is an MBTI Master Practitioner, Intentional Leadership Master Coach; she is also certified to use the MBTI Step III and the EQi 2.0.

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