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Emotional Intelligence & Attachments

Presented: September 28, 2021
With Michelle Kolling
Michelle Kolling

What are attachments, how do they shape our identities and what is the connection to emotional intelligence? These are the questions we will address in this Crescendo Connect Conversation. In psychology, an attachment is something the mind (ego) grabs on to. In the Buddhist tradition, it is said that attachment is the root of all suffering. In this Crescendo Connect Conversation, we will discuss the larger concept of attachments – how labels and the stories they tell both define us and limit us. We will explore how a practice of non-attachment can allow us to more deeply connect with ourselves and others. Finally, we will consider the practical application of emotional intelligence (EI) within the context of attachments – in what way does EI help or hinder our ability to detach?

Michelle Kolling is a trained end of life doula and founder of HELD. While serving as a caregiver to her husband at the end of his life, she came to understand the transformational possibilities that exist when being deeply present in the dying experience. The subsequent years became a study of grief, death and dying and eventual formal training as a death doula.

In her work, Michelle seeks to empower the dying person to focus on what is most important to them, ease the burden of caregivers finding space for them to simply love their person, and to help create a safe and sacred space for all to enter. Michelle is a member of INELDA (International End of Life Doula Association), NEDA (National End of Life Alliance), a board member at Rein in Sarcoma Foundation and is newly appointed to the Minnesota Death Collaborative Steering Committee. Michelle is also pursuing certification as a life coach so she can help people create the life they want until their last breath.

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