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Values, Purpose & Emotional Intelligence

Presented: November 12, 2012
With Diane Nettifee
Diane Nettifee

In our November Crescendo Connect Conversation, Diane Nettifee, president of Magis Ventures (and certified EI Practitioner) will present and discuss her work with organizations on the interrelatedness of Values, Purpose and Emotional Intelligence.

Research shows the highest level of employee engagement occurs when individuals clarify their own personal values and purpose and can align it with their organizations values and purpose. Clarifying own personal values and purpose is a vital element to increasing and putting our Emotional Intelligence to work.

In this Crescendo Connect Conversation, attendees will learn…

  • The role that values and purpose play within the context of the 5 EQ-i2.0 composite scales (Self-Perception, Self-Expression, Interpersonal, Decision Making and Stress Management)
  • How increased awareness and intentional use of values and purpose enhances emotional intelligence development.
  • Helpful coaching tips to explore Values and Purpose in relationship to emotional intelligence.

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