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Emotional Intelligence (2)

Type the words, Emotional Intelligence into your search engine and click enter. Literally thousands of resources appear to offer learning. You will find multiple models and definitions of emotional intelligence and, at the same time, quickly recognize that there is not one that is universally accepted.  Upon closer evaluation, you will observe similar content around self-awareness and self-management, as well as, relationship development and management.

People have strong opinions about what Emotional intelligence is and is not and why it is relevant (or not.) So whenever these questions present themselves, I encourage people to make it personal by asking them to … “Think about the great and not so great leaders and/or colleagues that they have ever worked with. What did they do, how did it feel to be around them and what was the impact?”  These are simple questions that elicit powerful insights.

Here is what we believe.  Emotional Intelligence (EI) defines how we manage ourselves and how we relate to others.  It exists at the core of who we are as human beings and impacts all aspects of our lives – how we make decisions, manage stress and navigate change.  The good news is that Emotional Intelligence can continue to grow and develop over time through personal motivation, commitment, practice and reinforcement.

While emotional intelligence is not the only predictor of human performance and development potential, it has emerged as a critical competence for personal and professional success. Organizations (Public and Private) worldwide have integrated Emotional Intelligence into their training, development and coaching programs.

Thousands of consultants (internal and external) and higher education administrators have been trained and/or certified in a variety of Emotional Intelligence assessments. These assessments have added credibility and value to their organization’s emotional intelligence initiatives.

Crescendo Inc. is committed to the growth and development of healthy organizations. We believe that Emotional Intelligence (EI) contributes to healthy organizations and for that reason encourage organizations to embrace learning and development initiatives.